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Location:The surfcam is located in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, USA.
Our agreement with the property owner precludes us from naming
the exact location. Point Pleasant Beach is about an hour South of
New York City. www.vicinity.com provided this map.

Map of NJ from Mapblast

Camera info: The camera is a WinCam.Live from StarDot Technologies.
This Color Digital Camera delivers 24-bit True Color. The accompanying
WinCam software controls the picture development as well the FTP.

There are no lights on the beach, so the surfcam only transmits
viewable pictures during daylight hours in New Jersey. We are within
the Standard Eastern Time Zone which is 5 hours behind GMT.

I would like to continue and expand the site but can't without viewer support.
Thank you to those who have supported the cam!
To "Support the Cam" please make purchases from these fine e-stores:
Barnes & Noble

Tommy lists 100's of webcams

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